RE: Boeing XRI Use Cases

Hello David,


> If an XRI-aware application needing XRI resolution is able to
> recognize the appearance of "/xri:/" embedded in a URI like
> Then it could just as well recognize ""
> at the *beginning* of a URI like
> without any risk of accidentally misinterpreting the URI
> (assuming the owner of had declared that all URIs of
> that form are HXRIs).  This would *not* require XRI
> resolution of that URI to go through a central proxy at
>!   Because the app is XRI-aware, it could know to
> strip off "" and use for
> XRI resolution, without ever sending a request to
> In fact, the XRI spec could *require* this behavior.  The
> effect is that would only receive requests from
> clients that are *not* XRI-aware.  And for those, it could
> send back whatever information you think would be most
> helpful, which *might* involve acting as an XRI resolution
> proxy, but that is a matter of choice.  It could instead back
> general information about XRIs, or some combination thereof,

Were it to do so (provide general information), I'd hope that there would be some intervening redirection so that there is no confusion that what is returned is a awww:representation of the referent of:*jbradley/+home/+phone

Hmmm...which, intentionally would be what?

 - Boeings record of jbradleys home phone number?
 - Boeings metadata about Boeings record of jbradleys home phone number?

Something else entirely?

I'm not sure if I am supposed to be able to tell.


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