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I have an action from our discussion of passwordsInTheClear-52:

Note the old submission about logout button under passwordsInTheClear

The old submission is:

                    User Agent Authentication Forms
                         W3C Note - 03 Feb 1999

This Version: 
Latest Version: 
Scott Lawrence, Agranat Systems,
Paul Leach, Microsoft

"HTTP Authentication has the addition problem that there is no mechanism
available to the server to cause the browser to 'logout'; that is, to
discard its stored credentials for the user. This presents a problem for
any web application that may be used from a shared user agent. Requests
for how to force 'logout' appear almost daily in the netnews html and
cgi authoring groups, and are one of the most common support questions
received by Agranat Systems from their customers developing embedded
systems web interfaces.


An AUTHFORM may contain INPUT elements with the special types AUTHUSER,

Dan Connolly, W3C
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