Re: Not UDP? Re: Proposed HTML ping attribute

... and it would require an upgrade in the infrastructure where  
proxies and firewalls are used.

On 16/01/2008, at 3:09 PM, Mark Baker wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> On 1/15/08, Tim Berners-Lee <> wrote:
>> Presumably it has been discussed why UDP should not be used?
>> It would seem to have the right characteristics.
>> It would have less load on the net, by many times.
>> And dramatically reduce time, buffer space etc for all parties.
>> And it could be filtered out as a luxury on links under abnormal  
>> stress.
>> Anyone got a pointer to the reasons? why not?
> UDP is a possible transport, sure, but it alone doesn't address the
> problem because it prescribes no application semantics. i.e. you can
> have datagram based messages with either GET or POST semantics.
> Mark.
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