Review of 13 Nov 2007 "Associating Resources with Namespaces"

Here are my comments:

* The third bullet in the list at the start of the preface should refer
  to "Functions and Operators" not "Data Model", I think.

* I think the phrase "and many other uses..." at the end of the last bullet
  should come after the list, not as part of that bullet.

* The sentence in section 2 that begins "Here's an expanded example of the
  DocBook model above..." seems to end abruptly with "using [N3], with two ."

* In the last paragraph of section 2, just before section 3, there seems
  to be something wrong with the following sentence: "On the one hand
  we for the purpose of normative, and the non-normative reference."

* I think the first paragraph of section 4 is a bit hard to parse. Maybe
  it could be reworded?

* In the middle of the first paragraph of section 4.2, "Some namespaces in
  this category already do this, for example t." seems like something got

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