Re: [ISSUE 56] Request TAG guidance on preparing a response to the CURIE last call draft

Just so you all understand - it is not the intent of the XHTML 2 Working 
Group, nor the document authors, that CURIEs EVER be used in a context 
where a URI was already in use.  There is absolutely no circumstance in 
which such a use is appropriate as far as I am concerned.  CURIEs and 
SafeCURIEs are limited to deployment as values in new attributes in 
existing or new grammars.  I don't know how to make this any clearer to 
everyone.  If you all have suggested wording for the document that would 
help you and future readers grok this more readily, I am completely open 
to it.  And I am sure the rest of the working group is as well. wrote:
> On yesterday's call [1] I was assigned an action [2] to coordinate, with 
> some help from Ashok Malhortra, the TAG's response on the CURIE last call 
> document.  I believe that Jonathan Rees and Henry Thompson also gave 
> informal expressions of interest in helping.  Earlier this month, I sent 
> to the www-tag mailing list a note [3], in which I expressed a concern 
> that the current CURIE  draft may not go far enough in prohibiting the use 
> of CURIEs, either "naked" or in safe form, in places where existing 
> specifications call for URIs.  I sent that note to the www-tag list in the 
> hope that the TAG would consider whether they wish to adapt my comment in 
> a formal response to the CURIE draft. 
> Although this note is being sent to the public www-tag mailing list, it is 
> intended primarily for members of the TAG.  I would very much appreciate 
> your consideration of the above, and your guidance on what, if any, 
> response you would like for the TAG to make regarding the CURIE last call. 
>  In particular, I would like guidance on the issue mentioned above, as 
> well as on any others that you think we should explore.  Thank you.
> Noah
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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