RE: OpenID

> Elliotte Harold wrote:
> > On a tangent, OpenID seems to be dying on the vine, like similar systems
> > before it. Is it worth creating yet another federated, open, single
> > sign-on system and doing it right, or are there business reasons why the
> > market just doesn't want this? Would solving the technical problems lead
> > to broader adoption or not?
> >
> > (I'm currently deep in a project that depends on this sort of stuff, so
> > this is of more than theoretical interest.)
> Elliotte,
> Can you elaborate on this 'dying on the vine' claim? Seems rather
> dramatic language. I'm happily logging into Drupal, Wordpress, Laconica
> and MediaWiki using an OpenID delegated from my homepage URL. Plenty of
> providers exist. There are issues and problems for sure, but this
> certainly feels like progress. In what sense is OpenID dying?
> cheers,
> Dan

Indeed, the "death of OpenID is greatly exaggerated" ;-) Just yesterday,
Mixi, Japan's largest SNS with ~15M users, announced OpenID support not just
for authenticating Mixi members, but authenticating friend assertions. See
the writeup in Nat Sakimura's blog (Nat is one of the leaders of the Japan
chapter of the OpenID Foundation):


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