Re: Question about the On Linking Alternative Representations TAG Finding


The whole argument is sort of scattered through the thread and I'm not  
sure (doubt, actually) if all disagreements were resolved.

I suggest that if you want to take this forward, then you should draft  
something (bullet points at least), put it online somewhere and ask  
for comments.

I think a key points is that the document needs to make clear what it  
is trying to achieve. A clarification of Web architecture? A  
recommendation how to solve a particular problem using the modelling  
primitives of the Web/HTTP? What are the technical requirements for a  

It is also important to be extra-clear with terminology, as we have  
seen in the thread. For best results, include a glossary ;-)


On 18 Aug 2008, at 15:52, Ted Thibodeau Jr wrote:

> * On 2008/08/11 04:18 PM -0400, I wrote:
>> Several thoughts.
> ... which I've ellided here.
> Richard, all, I need to check -- was what I said clear?
> Did it resolve the points of contention and confusion?
> Are we now in agreement as to how alternative representations and
> resources are interrelated, and how con-neg is supposed to work?
> Can we now take that agreement and resolution back to LOD and the  
> other
> discussion arenas where confusion remains?
> I think reference back to the www-tag thread archive, along with a  
> brief
> summary (can we agree that the bullet points of my last post are a  
> good
> summary?), would be good to share in those other spaces.
> If points of confusion or disagreement remain, the conversation should
> probably continue ... but I hope that is not necessary at this point.
> Be seeing you,
> Ted
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