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On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 14:16 -0400, Jonathan Rees wrote:
> If I say, in SPARQL:
> select * from <> { ... }
> then by my reading of the SPARQL rec ( 
> ), is supposed to name a (named) graph. But  
> some SPARQL servers take the URI in a FROM or GRAPH clause and use it  
> with HTTP to fetch an RDF/XML or Turtle document, from which triples  
> are obtained. By the httpRange-14 resolution, the 200 response means  
> that the URI names an information resource.


> Therefore, at least some RDF graphs (or named graphs) are information  
> resources, right?

Strictly speaking, not quite; the SPARQL 
spec includes this clarification:

"The FROM NAMED syntax suggests that the IRI identifies the
corresponding graph, but the relationship between an IRI and a graph in
an RDF dataset is indirect. The IRI identifies a resource, and the
resource is represented by a graph (or, more precisely: by a document
that serializes a graph). For further details see [WEBARCH]."

> I'm sure this has been discussed before...
> Jonathan
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