RE: Least Power, Deep Linking and Adobe Flash

Hi Noah and www-tag,

There's quite a bit of work going on in the area of improving
searchability of SWF and other content types, although I don't know the
technical details. I'm off on vacation for a few weeks, but if you need
more technical details, I'll try to find someone who can reply more
timely than I.

In general, though, a process for indexing objects needs to parse and
interpret each object; you can improve searchability by doing a better
job of parsing and interpreting what's there, but in some cases you also
need to annotate the material with additional information specifically
for searching.


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> Subject: Least Power, Deep Linking and Adobe Flash
> The Adobe announcement regarding searchable Flash [1] and related
> announements from Google are interesting in relation to TAG work on
> Rule of Least Power [3], Deep Linking [4] and Web Application State
> management.  It's my impression that the SWF indexers are not
> to a static search for text strings in .SWF files, but that they
> execute at least some script dynamically and simulate some
> with the application.  Not sure about that though.
> Noah
> [1]
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> indexing.html
> [3]
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