Re: State and Status of WAI-ARIA approach to host-language embedding

Simon Pieters wrote:
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> I think we can't come to useful conclusions from your script since it 
> doesn't work correctly in UAs that implement HTML 5, nor does it cover 
> the case when an element has both attributes at the same time. However, 
> even ignoring that, 16 lines of code and the resulting indirection 
> elsewhere in the code is bad compared to no additional 16 lines of code 
> and no indirection elsewhere in the code.
> ...

For the record: if the code worked ok everywhere *except* in HTML5 
clients, that might have been a sign for a problem with the spec, not 
the code.

Also, if the actual overhead *would* be 16 lines I would claim that is 
totally acceptable.

Finally, if the properties are set consistently with the same piece of 
code, it's unlikely that there would be collisions.

BR, Julian

Received on Thursday, 17 April 2008 16:02:10 UTC