Re: Updated Versioning Strategies document

Ashok Malhotra wrote:

> It was, indeed, the inclusion of Programming Languages in the scope that 

> worried me.

Ah.  Well, in that case, I think that recommending:

> we should fix the earlier parts and state clearly our focus on 
> markup languages and their problems.

Seems to focus unduly on markup.  Furthermore, I think that much of what's 
being put into place in the draft actually does apply to programming 
languages.  I certainly agree that this is not a finding focussed on the 
special needs of programming languages, but my reading of what Dave is 
putting together about default interpretation of content applies very well 
to evolving programming languages.  I do agree that "must ignore unknown" 
tends not to be appropriate for programming languages, except perhaps for 
pragmas, but I think what you've hit is a known point of confusion on some 
of the existing drafts:  some of the Good Practice Notes, such as the one 
about must ignore unknowns, are not intended to be applicable to all 
languages, but rather are intended as examples of techniques that are 
useful with >some< languages.  Some of us have objected to labeling them 
Good Practice Notes because of the risk of confusion.  I think the right 
thing to do is to clarify that these don't even apply to all data-oriened 
languages or messaging formats, as opposed to focussing specifically on 
markup language or specifically avoiding programming languages.  I think 
that the core abstractions that are being set in place are, or should be, 
applicable to at least the majority of text-based languages.


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