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Re: Uniform access to descriptions

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ihmc.us>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 00:08:59 -0500
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To: wangxiao@musc.edu
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At 1:29 AM +0100 4/12/08, Xiaoshu Wang wrote:
>>>Question 4: Is an HTTP-URI =  HTTP+URI?
>>I have no idea what this means.
>What I mean is this:
>HTTP-URI is simply an HTTP URI.
>HTTP+URI is when the HTTP URI is bound to the HTTP transportation protocol.
>Hence, the question can be rephrased as such:
>Is what a URI denotes the same thing as what the URI is dereferenced?

Sometimes but also sometimes not. http-range-14 says that when the 
response code is 200, the answer is yes. As I say, I don't like this 
much either; but I can't see any feasible other way to answer the 
question at all for a given URI.

I take it that your answer would also be: maybe, maybe not; but that 
you would want the decision to depend not on an http code, but 
instead on some RDF assertions which would be accessible from the URI 
(in a way I confess to not following yet, but ...) Is that right?


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