Re: Uniform access to descriptions

Michael K. Bergman wrote:
> Jonathan Rees wrote:
>> On Apr 8, 2008, at 3:35 PM, Phil Archer wrote:
>>> Jonathan,
>>> Clearly Xiaoshu is unhappy about this and that discussion will need 
>>> to play out and, presumably, be taken into full account by the TAG. 
>>> Meanwhile, I'm willing to help create the document - but my diary is 
>>> pretty well full for this week and next.
>> Don't single out Xiaoshu as there are other dissenters as well... The 
>> first step is an issue summary document (focusing not on solutions 
>> but on use cases), and preparing that can go on in parallel with 
>> discussion of the merits of various solutions.
> +1 about singling out, but not about "dissenters"
> This is not about us v them, but us communicating to the broader public.
Yes.  Thanks Michael and also Jonathan too for not "single (me) out". 
> This is not a new concern and it will not go away.  If there is an 
> interest, I have been following these discussions for quite some 
> months and have a lengthy set of references and individuals who have 
> expressed concerns about these matters.
> For the record, I am one of those concerned individuals.
> If anyone thinks it is of use, I offer to try to summarize links and 
> mail posts from the past 6 months or so.  I actually think Xiaoshu's 
> technical post in November and then Ian's response and many others 
> thereafter could be relevant.  (Though, as we know, the stuff goes 
> back way further.)
> The TAG and everyone else on this list, I would think, must surely 
> appreciate that issues of terminology, httpRange-14, and even the most 
> recent Cool URIs update (nice, no mention anymore of "non-information 
> resources") are becoming critical.
> These are not matters of ego or individuals.  They are matters of how 
> we communicate our enterprise to the broader public that is now 
> getting focused on what we are doing.
True.  This is not about ego, really, it is about the general health of 
the web.


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