Re: reference needed - versioned documents

On 3 Apr 2008, at 18:02, Jonathan Rees wrote:
> The utility of httpRange-14 is significantly reduced as long as not  
> all minters of URIs for non-IRs adhere to it. I have no idea what  
> the penetration of httpRange-14 is, but my guess is that it is and  
> will remain low.

Any backup for that guess?

I'm pretty sure that everything shown in [1] adheres to it, and that's  
a quite significant part of the post-document Web.



> The big win of httpRange-14, as I see it, is that it is a positive  
> affirmation of what was probably the intent of RFC2616, that a 200  
> response reflects some inherent connection (maybe even identity,  
> sometimes) between the information received and the referent of the  
> name (whatever it is, even if its identity is a secret), and not  
> just something that a third party has said about the referent. (The  
> correct thing to say here may be different, but that's OK, any kind  
> of positive statement is fine by me.) Even if it has no practical  
> effect, I think it's a bit of pedantry that provokes thought and  
> helps to influence people to be honest.
> My two cents.
> Jonathan

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