Re: httpRange-14: Consequences of redirection

I don't think which HTTP response pattern/code is the core issue.  The 
core issue is if we should be allowed to use any HTTP code to judge the 
nature of a resource. 

The fundemental assumption of RDF is that everything is an instance of 
rdfs:Resource.  If somehow, this fundamental belief can be challenged, 
such as by checking if "rdfs:Resource" returns a particular HTTP code, 
then the entire RDF system itself is already put on a shaky ground.

If we want to judge this sort of thing, it must be outside of RDF but 
not within.  The irony, however, is this - if we don't care to and 
cannot judge if someone does it right or wrong, then why bother?


Received on Thursday, 29 November 2007 16:27:06 UTC