New draft TAG Finding on The Self-Describing Web

I am pleased to announce the availability of a revised draft of a TAG 
finding, now titled "The Self-Describing Web" [1,2].  This replaces the 
draft [3] which had the title "The Importance of Self-Describing 
Documents".  The title has been changed to reflect the fact that the 
finding discusses not just the creation of individual self-describing 
documents, but the self-describing qualities of the Web as a whole.

This draft has been prepared for discussion at the June 2007 Face to Face 
Meeting of the TAG [4], and it is intended in part to address comments 
made at the March 2006 Face to Face Meeting of the TAG [5] (for some 
reason the minutes linked at [5] are W3C member-only;  I expect we'll fix 
that shortly.)  The material in chapters 1-3 is adapted from the previous 
version of the finding.  I believe it's in reasonably good shape, and 
should be reviewed accordingly.  Chapter 4 and its subsections are new, 
and are correspondingly rougher.  I think even chapter 4 is easily good 
enough to make clear what material I intend to cover, but I do expect that 
it will need at very least some editorial work.  It also has not yet 
benefited from any review by other members of the TAG.

FYI:  I have updated the references to this finding in the F2F agenda at 
[4], and also added a reference to it in the public list of draft TAG 
findings at [6].  I look forward to comments from the TAG at the F2F next 
week, and to comments from other readers of www-tag.  Thank you!




Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Received on Friday, 25 May 2007 03:00:14 UTC