Request for Comments on Enabling Read Access for Web Resources

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On June 18 the Web Application Formats WG published a new WD of:

   Enabling Read Access for Web Resources

This document defines a mechanism to selectively provide cross-site  
access to a web resource. Using either a HTTP header or an XML  
processing instruction (or both), resources can indicate they allow  
read access from specified hosts (optionally using patterns). When a  
pattern is used, one can also exclude certain hosts. For instance,  
allow read access from all subdomains of (*  
with the exception of  (


The mechanism defined in this specification extends the "default  
browser security sandbox" to allow read access for cross-site  
resources. The extension opens a constrained hole in the browser's  
"default sandbox".

On behalf of the WG, we request comments on this document (preferably  
before August 3) but please send them to:


We are particularly interested in any comments about the mechanism  
defined in this spec being inconsistent with the AWWW.


Art Barstow

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> Thanks to the W3C webmasters we were able to get a new public draft  
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> It includes a lot of the changes debated on this list over the last  
> few months. There are still some minor things that need to be  
> worked out, but we're getting there.
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