Re: Agenda of 9 January 2007 TAG teleconference

Vincent Quint writes:

> 5. Any other issue?

Yes.  The submission deadline for the W3C Workshop on Web of Services for 
Enterprise Computing is 10 Jan, which is day after tomorrow.  I think that 
on the telcon we'll want to gather any last-minute comments on the draft 
[1] I announced in the email at [2], and then get a formal resolution for 
me to submit to the workshop. 

Obviously, as we get closer to the submission deadline, the window for 
making non-trivial changes starts to close.  I am aware of a couple of at 
least two typos:  the verb "GET" as in HTTP GET is not consistently 
capitalized, and in the very last sentence, the word "last" should read 
"least".   I'm also indebted to David Booth for pointing out in private 
correspondence that in the bibil I've given the wrong publication date for 
RFC 3986.  You can assume that those errors will be fixed before 

Thank you.



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