Re: The meaning of "representation"

Xiaoshu Wang wrote:

>> I am not sure if I have misunderstand. Do you want to say that 
>> "information *is* bit-stream"?

I wrote:

> [...a lot about information, Shannon, info resources, etc...]

Xiaoshu Wang wrote:

> Noah, I am lost.  I don't think we disagree anything there. 
> But I am not sure what is your point.

My point was so answer what you asked, and to clarify that I don't 
consider it to be the case that the "information *is* the bit-stream".

> If I have a URI say, to denote
> the traffic light in front of my office.  You said that you 
> want me to 303 to your, how? You
> need four URI for that.  Second, what if I want to describe the
> hight, or material, or other information of that traffic light.
> What am I going to do?  How do I know what a user want?

I don't think I'm suggesting anything other than the TAG's resolution of 
httpRange14.  As I mentioned in my earlier note, I think we've spent 
enough of the list's time on this, so I'd propose that we need not pursue 
this in more detail.


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