TAG Telcon Agenda 6th Dec 2007: xmlFunctions-34; namespaceDocument-8; httpRedirections-57; Rich Web Clients

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Stuart Williams
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            Agenda of 6th December 2007 TAG teleconference

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    1. Convene
          + Chair: Stuart, Scribe: Rhys
          + Roll call -- Regrets: Raman, Norm, DanC (probable)
          + Agenda Review
               o Pending Action Items: Propose to Close without
                    # [10]ACTION-78 on Henry S. Thompson to Repackage
                      proposed response to EXI workgroup. - due
                      2007-11-22, pending review
                      Completed by
                      i/2007Nov/0004.html [Henry S. Thompson]
          + Approval of minutes from [12]29th Nov 2007
          + Next Telcon: Propose 13th December 2007; Chair: Stuart;
            Scribe Norm
    2. Issue [13]xmlFunction-34 (ISSUE-34)
          + Related Action Items:
               o [14]ACTION-26 on Henry S. Thompson to Henry to prepare
                 new draft of xmlFunctions-34 - pending review
                 [DONE] [15]email from Henry announcing [16]new draft
                 of "The elaborated infoset: A proposal".
          + Other Resources:
               o TimBL's DesignIssue: [17]"The Interpretation of XML
          + What remains at Issue? Next Steps?
    3. Issue [18]namespaceDocument-8 Syncing up with TimBL who gave
       regrets last week.]
          + Related Action Items:
               o [19]ACTION-65 on Henry S. Thompson to look at the name
                 of the Purpose property class to see if we can't do
                 better - due 2007-11-02, pending review
                 [20]Email from Henry announcing new [21]draft and
    4. Issue [23]httpRedirections-57 - a week in the life of ISSUE-57
          + Threads of discussion:
               o Use of self-referential Content-Location: on 200
                 responses - [24]"httpRange-14: Consequences of
                 redirection" thread start by Tore Eriksson
               o [25]httpRange-14 Adjunct: 302 is Valid for
                 Non-Information Resources" thread started by Sean
               o And.. over on [26]public-awwsw... [27]"200 vs. 303 vs.
                 ??? " thread started by Henry Thompson.
    5. Rich Web Clients: Client State and Frag IDs [Needs Raman, Rhys
       and probably TimBL and DanC - so probably not this week]
          + Related Action Items:
               o [28]ACTION-50 on Rhys Lewis to Investigate two AJAX
                 libraries and see how well they support exposing URIs
                 for intermediate results. - Pending review
                 [29]DONE] see emails from Rhys on [30]dojo and
          + Related [32]Email and [33]Blog article from Raman: "Toward
            URL Equality For Web Clients And Web Servers"
    6. Any other business?

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    Stuart Williams for TAG
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