Re: Alternative to 303 response: Description-ID: header

Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
> I did wonder about the following:  in the case when the URI is not of 
> document, when currently we use 303,
> then the  server can return a document *about* it with  an extra 
> header to explain to the browser
> that it is actually giving you a description of it not the content of 
> it.  (Pick a header name)
Of course, header approach is more efficient than 303 but it is, once 
again, running away from the core issue - what information resource 
is.   Consider people at Dublin Core and FOAF, they now need a 
definition to choose betwen 200 and 303 for their resources, which they 
have a hard time to decide.  But will a header approach make their life 
easier? I guess not, they still need a concrete definition to know if it 
should or should not add a header, don't they?


Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2007 09:58:44 UTC