Re: httpRange-14 Two Years On

On 2007-12 -04, at 12:43, Sean B. Palmer wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2007 5:15 PM, Sean B. Palmer wrote:
> So you could serve a page about Moby Dick from
> and have it denote Amaya documentation,

No. This is the point.
If you use it to serve a page about Moby Dick (with 200) then
the URI identifies a page about Moby Dick.

The social contact bit is normally just assumed: That you don't do  
things like
serve Moby Dick  one second and Amaya documentation the next.

> or
> you could serve Amaya documentation from it and have it denote Moby
> Dick,

No, if the URI is for Amaya documentation, it doesn't *denote*  
something else.

> but both of these things would be breaking social contract
> (which is fuzzy, but okay).

You'd be breaking the architecture if you maintained that the URI  
denoted Moby Dick,
and you served up something which is not a representation of Moby Dick.
You would be wrong.

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