RE: Proposed disposition of Stuart Williams' comments on Metadata in URI 31

> Noah said:
> It's true that the examples generally 
> talk about metadata that involves the resource as well, but I 
> don't think the substantive conclusions make the distinction. 
>  Consider what is arguably the key constraint in the finding:
> "Constraint: Web software MUST NOT depend on the correctness 
> of metadata inferred from a URI, except when the encoding of 
> such metadata is documented by applicable standards and 
> specifications."
> I don't think that does distinguish and I don't think it 
> needs to, between metadata about the resource and metadata 
> about the URI.  So, while I think this email has kicked off a 
> useful discussion, I am not inclined to revise the finding.  

The constraint seems valid to me. I don't think the finding needs

What threw me off is that the examples don't include any metadata
encoded via standard/specified means, where an application MAY depend on
the correctness of the metadata. Are there any documented standards or
specifications for encoding metadata into HTTP URIs? I think URN sub
schemes are an effective way to encode metadata about an identifier, and
ongoing XRI efforts include the standard encoding of metadata, but I
don't know of any for HTTP.

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