RE: Agenda of 19 September 2006 TAG teleconference


I've reviewed the document in detail, and I'm comfortable that all my
concerns have been addressed.  

I still have a problem with the finding that says a URI that ends in
.xml cannot be assumed to be an .xml file, but I understand that's
another finding and that's not what we're reviewing in this case. (you
reference it so I have to put my 2c in)...  

I'm good with removing the 'Draft' verbage in the front of the doc and
then publishing the finding.  I appreciate the effort you've put into
incorporating my feedback (as well as Stewarts).


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Vincent Quint writes:

> Agenda for Vancouver f2f, 4-5 Oct.
> Issues considered for discussion at the f2f (in no particular order):
> [...]
>              *  issue metadataInURI-31[23]: Finalizing draft finding 
> The
>                 of Metadata in URIs[24] [...]

Let's see what happens in the coming week.  As mentioned at [1], the TAG
has already voted to publish subject to approval from Ed.  If anyone
wants further discussion at the F2F or before that's fine with me, but
as long as Ed is agreeable, we're in a position to go ahead without much
discussion.   Note that I included a change log with the note at [1], 
which should make it easy to skim for changes of concern.  Anyway: I
suggest we ask on the call tomorrow whether any TAG members have a
problem with setting a publication date of Oct 28, which is 2 days after
next week's telcon.  That will give everyone who cares a chance to
review and raise concerns, but will save us from repeatedly reconfirming
our vote to publish.  (I'd choose Wed. the 27th, but I will be on the
road that day.) Thanks!

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