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Harry Halpin writes:

> Now for obscure philosophy :)
>> Is an 'infon' something like a chunk of information (about something?
>> About what?) or is it something more like a part of a world or a
>> possible interpretation? Or could it be something like an topic, or a
>> thing that some information is about?
>     I believe Henry is probably unconsciously resurrecting the term
> "infon" from "situation semantics" ala "Situations and Attitudes" by
> Barwise and Perry [1] and the "What is Information?" paper by Israel and
> Perry[2].

Thanks for trying to rescue me, and as far as the morpheme itself is
concerned, it's entirely likely that I first heard it from the folks
you identify above.

But, as I said in my recent reply to Pat Hayes, I wasn't using it with
any particular intended meaning other than 'member of InformationSet',
I've withdrawn it, and in any case, I'm pretty sure I _don't_ mean
that the members of InformationSet are "out there" in the world, but
rather "in there", in the form of computationally realised
implementation artefacts.

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