Re: new TAG issue TagSoupIntegration-54 (discussion around the web)

By now many have seen TimBL's item Reinventing HTML and perhaps the
discussion in the W3C QA weblog.

There has been lots of related discussion around the Web; I have been
adding them to a list of xhtml bookmarks.

Here's a copy... copy/paste from my web browser to my mailer isn't
perfect; I hope it comes thru OK.

Slashdot | MySpace Accounts Compromised By Phishers 

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ammo with which to respond to "Reinventing HTML" comment about myspace

to xhtml security web architecture ... 20 hours ago 

How not to fix HTML – Le �blog personnel� de Joe Clark 

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what an odd mix of useful insights and blathering conspiracy theory

to xhtml ... saved by 17 other people ... 21 hours ago 

A Completely New HTML WG | 2006-10-27 | BitWorking 

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some supportive words

to xhtml ... saved by 1 other person ... 21 hours ago 

The Cafes � Why Tim Berners-Lee is Wrong 

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indeed, "how to logout of a site that uses HTTP authentication" has been
neglected, despite the submission

to xhtml web architecture security ... saved by 5 other people ... 1 day

Reinventing HTML: discuss - W3C QA Weblog 

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to xhtml w3c ... saved by 3 other people ... 2 days ago 

Slashdot | HTML to be 'Incrementally Evolved' 

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this crowd is not impressed.

to w3c xhtml ... saved by 3 other people ... 2 days ago 

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