Re: [metadataInURI-31] New draft of metadata in URI finding includes section on malicious metadata

On 10/2/06, <> wrote:
> Anyway, I take the implied (mild) criticism that the example would have
> been more compelling if browsers didn't warn, but on balance this was the
> best exposition I could come up with.

Ah, ok, I see what you were going for now, thanks.

I guess I'm a little uncomfortable with it though, because the example
(and by that I mean the first two paragraphs of 2.8), by excluding
mention of the pervasive run/cancel dialog, isn't realistic and so
users would have difficulty relating.

On balance, I think I like the draft better without that new section.
I think the authoritative metadata finding says what needs saying
about that scenario; the metadata-in-the-uri angle on it doesn't seem
to add much.  It could very well be that it's just that example that
I'm not relating to though, and another one might do a better job; not



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