On 9 March, Dan wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 18:39 +0000, Misha Wolf wrote:
> [...]
> > I'm not sure whether we are misunderstanding each other or 
> > whether I am misunderstanding the GRDDL document [1].  The 
> > document is very terse, and I may be missing some context.  
> > Please clarify how one would construct a human-readable 
> > RDDL document containing links to GRDDL transform(s), among 
> > other resources.
> OK, I'll try to dig out my RDDL/GRDDL stuff and make an example.
> Meanwhile, this is supposed to be covered in a section of
> a TAG finding in progress... oh... you already foud it[2].
> Section 3.3 "Using GRDDL" doesn't answer your questions?

Either that draft TAG finding is broken or I'm missing something.

> Then perhaps we do need another example.

I don't think that another example will fix it.  There seems 
to be a conceptual gap here.  Why does the finding have a 
section called "3.3 Using GRDDL", which starts  with: 
"A third approach is to use [GRDDL]"?
Why is this a separate "approach"?  Why doesn't the finding 
simply offer a Purpose such as "Serves the purpose of conversion 
to RDF/XML"?

> To give a link from a namespace to a transformation
> for documents that use that namespace, GRDDL coins
> this URI:

So why isn't this included in the list of Purposes in the draft 

> GRDDL also coins 2 other URIs that can be used as RDDL
> purposes:


> > [1]
> > [2]

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