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RE: CURIEs: A proposal

From: Misha Wolf <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:32:58 +0100
To: "Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol)" <skw@hp.com>, www-tag@w3.org
Cc: public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org, newsml-2@yahoogroups.com
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Hi Stuart, 

> Hello Misha,
> FWIW... a colleague suggested the use of '::'  to separate prefix 
> from suffix ie. prefix::suffix
> Rationale:
> 1) Visually/Syntactically distinct from QNames.
> 2) Appealingly similar in appearance to QNames.

I believe that QNames should form a subset of CURIEs.  This implies 
that the same syntax should be used.

> Regarding 7(a-h) below: 
> This seems to me to leave far too many things open for each 
> language using CURIEs to have to specify - making it difficult to 
> conceive of generic libraries for handling CURIEs. In particular:
> 7a) there should only be one set of syntactic constraints;

The IPTC requires numeric suffix values.  Others may not.  Also, I 
believe that QNames should form a subset of CURIEs.  Both of these 
imply that the same constraints cannot apply.

> 7b) see '::' suggestion above 
> 7d) *if* CURIEs are genuinely a compact way of writing a URI, there
> should be a *single* mapping from a CURIE to a URI/IRI.

As I showed in my presentation at the AC meeting, the IPTC requires 
a tuple, *not* (just) a compact way of writing a URI.  Furthermore, 
the IPTC requires that a {prefix, numeric suffix} can be used to 
build a legal (X)HTML URI, complete with fragment ID, eg:
Others require plain concatenation.  Hence, there can't be a single
construction rule.

> 7e) should have a single answer... which probably (regrettably) 
> means a CURIE is a tuple of {prefix, suffix, prefixURI, 
> compactedURI}

Maybe.  But not compactedURI, please.

> 7f-g) seems like normal good practice with URIs applies any CURIE 
> spec should remain silent.

See comments re numerics above.

> 7h) again surely a matter for generic URI/IRI syntax.

See comments re numerics above.

> Fixing all of that would leave solely the matter of establish a
> prefix=>URi mapping on a per language basis (7c), and I would hope 
> there would be a single approach for XML based languages - other 
> non XML based languages (N3 (and friends), SPARQL...) would have 
> to define their own mechanisms.

See above.

> 8b) seems troubling because it risks confusing a Qname with a 

See above.

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