Re: WSA cr10 issue resolution: TAG Request for Change to WS Addressing Core


Since your note is in part addressed to me personally, let me thank you 
and the Web Services Addressing Working Group for your response to the 
TAG's request.  I'm sure that our chair, Vincent Quint, will coordinate 
with you regarding a formal review by the TAG of your proposed resolution. 
 I can signal informally that  your proposal looks good to me, but I can't 
speak for the TAG as a whole until a proper review has been done.   Thank 
you very much.


Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Hugo Haas <>
01/24/06 06:51 AM
        Subject:        WSA cr10 issue resolution: TAG Request for Change 
to WS Addressing Core

Noah, TAG members,

The Web Services Addressing Working Group has considered your request
to add some advisory text about the use of EPRs originally at:

This request is known in our issues list as CR issue cr10:

The Working Group has decided to incorporate the following text in the
specification, based on your original proposal:

  The Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One [AoWWW]
  recommends [Section 2 of AoWWW] the use of URIs to identify
  resources. Using abstract properties of an EPR other than
  [destination] to identify resources is contrary to this
  recommendation. In certain circumstances, such a use of additional
  properties may be convenient or beneficial; however, when building
  systems, the benefits or convenience of identifying a resource using
  reference parameters should be carefully weighed against the
  benefits of identifying a resource solely by URI as explained in
  [Section 2.1] of the Web Architecture.

We hope that this satisfies your comment. As we are making good
progress towards getting out of CR, we would appreciate if we could
hear back from you within the next couple of weeks if this wasn't the



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Tuesday, 24 January 2006 14:53:46 UTC