Re: Agenda of 21 February 2006 TAG teleconference

Hi Henry,

On 2/21/06, Henry S. Thompson <> wrote:
> What did you have in mind that the TAG should be doing?  Your

FYI, I'm not a member of the WG, just an observer who brought this
issue to the TAG.

> issues
> list correctly shows that the TAG asked you to add a statement about
> WebArch and EPRs, and you did, and we accepted your resolution. . .

Most of the TAG discussion under the endPointsRefs-47 banner was
actually about "EPRs vs. URIs", which was a valuable discussion, but
unfortunately not what the issue is about.  What the issue is about is
misuse of the HTTP protocol;

"In a nutshell, it [  WS-Addressing - SOAP Binding] requires that the
URI in the "Address" component of a WS-Addressing EPR be serialized
into a wsa:To SOAP header, independent of the underlying protocol.
IMO, a Web-architecture consistent means of doing this would be to
serialize it to the Request-URI when using SOAP with HTTP, or the
"RCPT TO:" value when using SOAP with SMTP, etc.."

BTW, I just checked the TAG issues list[1] and noticed that there's an
action on Vincent to invite me to a call!  That's a good idea, but I
haven't received an invite yet.  If there's time at the plenary
perhaps we can knock that one off though.  I fly out early Friday


Mark Baker.  Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.

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