RE: Yet another victim of the "we need our own URN" myth: New Zealand

Ah goody.  The naming insurrection is back.

When one of you names your child or grandchild 
or favorite pet and puts their pix 
at the location with a note that says the kid really
is an information resource on the web despite protests 
from their momma and grandmomma, I'll buy this.  Otherwise, 
it looks like more "the web won dammit!" jitters.

Ownership tests convictions.  A URN is one guaranteed 
level of indirection from the web.  They may not be 
doing this for persistence.  They may be doing it for 
local control and independence from the web itself. 

Catalog servers are known tech.  Bugs aren't a problem.

It doesn't matter.  Please lower your shields so we 
can power down our phasers.  The crew wants to go on 
shore leave in western Auckland for The Big Day Out 
with the jafas and scarfies.  Then we can fight about 
names that matter.


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I already tried to dissuade them

The fact of the matter is that the TAG is completely ineffectual
at influencing the public after they have made up their minds and
committed to a given design.  It would be better for the TAG to
write a finding that contradicts the long-held and foolish opinion
in the IETF that made-up name registries like URN are somehow better
than made-up name registries like DNS.  At least then people can
read it before they receive government funding for their own
private URN space.

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