Re: Computer Misuse Act breaks WebArch (ws Re: Section 5.4.2 of RFC 3986 not actually 'legal' syntax_)

On Thursday, October 13, 2005, 12:40:59 PM, Henry wrote:

HST> The issue for the TAG is surely that exploratory modifications of URIs
HST> are in a sense _invited_ by their very nature, and thus should never be
HST> describable as unauthorized -- by publishing
HST>, I implicitly publish all
HST> path-transformed versions of that URL, don't I?  Put that way, it
HST> sounds a bit extreme, but surely there's a substantial point at issue
HST> here which needs to be explored. . .

This is exactly the same issue as Deep Linking, and therefore the same
finding should apply - ie, if you want Access Control, use Access
Control, not laws.

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