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                             - DRAFT -
                     TAG Weekly Teleconference
22 Nov 2005

    Agenda:   <http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2005/11/22-agenda.html>
    See also: <http://www.w3.org/2005/11/22-tagmem-irc>


    Present: Vincent_Quint, Ed_Rice, Norm_Walsh, Dan_Connolly,
             Henry_Thompson, Roy_Fielding, Noah_Mendelsohn,  
    Regrets: Dave_Orchard
    Chair:   Vincent Quint
    Scribe:  Roy Fielding


      * Topics
          1. Administrative
          2. TAG presentation at AC meeting
          3. December F2F meeting at MIT
          4. Issue endPointRefs-47
          5. Searchable content and semantic Web
          6. Cancel next week's scheduled teleconference?
      * Summary of Action Items



    VQ: Next teleconference is scheduled for 29 Nov [cancelled below]

    regrets for 29 Nov: Vincent, Henry

    at risk for 29 Nov: Dan, Tim

    Ed: let's see if we can get through the F2F agenda today first

    VQ: we'll revisit this topic at the end of the call
    ... any additions to agenda? [none]
    ... Minutes of 8 November [thanks to Dan]
    ... any objection to approving the minutes of 8 Nov? [none]

    RESOLUTION: minutes of 8 November are approved

   TAG presentation at AC meeting

    <ht> http://www.w3.org/2005/Talks/1201-TAG-report/

    HT: we have a 45 minute slot... I have prepared some slides (about 10
    minutes) and then the rest of the session will be spent on discussion
    ... please review the slides.

    VQ: we mentioned the issue of gathering educational material and,  
    someone requested that you ask AC reps to send information to us as  
    of slides

    HT: I forgot... I will add that
    ... Dan, do you have material to add?

    <DanC> http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/em27

    <noah> The dynamic version of the slides clips off the bottom if  
your font
    is set to large. In particular, the navigators disappear. Might this  
be an
    accessibility problem?

    HT: the dynamic version is only for presentation during the event

    RF: remember to update the TAG background slide before event

    NM: I suggest something lighter than "Almost never!" for when is a  
new URI
    scheme justified.

    HT: I will try to put this to bed by Monday

   December F2F meeting at MIT


    NW: please add namespaceDocument-8 to the agenda
    ... I hope to have a new draft done by then
    ... most likely will be in attendance on Tuesday

    VQ: who is able to attend the F2F?

    NM: We should postpone XMLVersioning-41 if Dave is unable to attend

    <noah> Actually, I also mentioned that we might have a productive
    discussion of general issues around versioning, even without Dave,  
    up for the whiteboard discussion in Edinburgh.

    <noah> I don't think we can do justice to a detailed review of Dave's
    versioning draft if he's not in the meeting.

    VQ: I will check with Dave

    RF: I would like to add the mimerespect finding
    ... which touches TAG issues contentTypeOverride-24,  
putMediaType-38, and
    portions of errorHandling-20

    <DanC> "# RF to update Authoritative Metadata finding to include
    resolution of putMediaType-38" --


    RF: I am in mid edit -- it will be updated before F2F

    HT: I am writing some thought pieces for several issues [scribe  
    which ones]

    VQ: please send me pointers to add to the agenda
    ... please continue to review the agenda and send comments in the  
next few
    days via email or at the AC meeting
    ... How about scheduling times for the meeting? 9-5 each day?

    RF: I will need to leave earlier on Tuesday to catch 6:10pm flight  
at BOS

    <DanC> I'd like to accept the dinner invitation, Noah. (remind me  
    day? monday 5 Dec?)

    NM: please send ack to indicate if you plan on attending monday  
    hosted by IBM

   Issue endPointRefs-47



    HT: background on this is from our discussion at Edinburgh F2F, when  
I was
    surprised to find a lack of examples at W3C.
    ... found an example in the Apache WSRF toolkit


    HT: example was too detailed, so I trimmed it down and changed the  
    -- validated the example to be sure it would run

    <Zakim> noah, you wanted to ask more about where EPRs come from

    <ht> Mark Baker's point was that the bit that's left out of all the  
    he believes, is how you know to POST the SOAP message to the  
    from the EPR

    NM: as I understand it, typical use of EPR is more like a cookie and  
    related to reply-to style of functionality, where the WSDL is no  
    needed for the headers

    HT: need WSDL to determine what the service needs for the body
    ... the EPR is effectively used as a URI

    NM: we need to ask the experts what they are doing do get a clearer

    <noah> I think the specific question is: specifically in the WSRF  
case, to
    what extent will EPRs be used only in a cookie-like scenario, where  
    are minted by the resource owner, and to what extent will clients  
    their own.

    RF: I have seen this stuff before ... URA and URC discussions on URI  
    I have no advice other than to say that they are doomed to failure

    URA http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2016.txt

    <DanC> URCs... heh... meanwhile, RDF/OWL descriptions are pretty  
much the
    same thing

    <noah> The spec seems to invite anyone to create their own, but some  
    the "experts" I've spoken to suggest that this is not currently the
    intended use case.

    <scribe> ACTION: Noah to send this example to WSA experts and ask  
them to
    clarify and/or poke holes in it [recorded in

   Searchable content and semantic Web



    <ht> So I misunderstood google's own advertising of,

    <timbl> Labels are any keywords or phrases --- such as recipe,  
event, or
    product --- that can be used to classify or describe your item.

    <timbl> Attributes are words or phrases that help describe the
    characteristics and qualities of your items. You may enter multiple  
    for a particular attribute separated by commas.

    HT: reading their blurb it seems like they are hosting, but they are
    really only hosting metadata and links

    <ht> or gifs or jpgs

    RF: it is a mini-publishing system, with expiration times on items  
(max 31
    ... I think it will be used like classified ads
    ... I am having difficulty seeing why this is relevant to the TAG

    NM: just an example of current technology use of the Web and metadata

    VQ: Any more agenda items? [none]

   Cancel next week's scheduled teleconference?

    VQ: Is anyone else not available?

    HT: will be on plane

    VQ: will be on plane
    ... I suggest we just skip the next telecon. Any objections? [none]

    <ht> Tim, please have a quick look at

    <ht> If you can -- thanks

    VQ: next meeting will be Dec 5th F2F at MIT


Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: Noah to send this example to WSA experts and ask them  
    clarify and/or poke holes in it [recorded in

    [End of minutes]

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