a fly-by of Compound Document (WICD) specs w.r.t. TAG issues

2005-11-21: The Compound Document Formats Working Group has released
four Working Drafts: the Compound Document by Reference Framework 1.0,
WICD Core 1.0, WICD Full 1.0, and WICD Mobile 1.0.

 nsMediaType-3: Relationship between media types and namespaces?
 and nearby mediaTypeManagement-45

they seem to take a conservative position; they're not mixing
namespaces in this version:

"Documents authored for WICD Mobile 1.0 should be associated with the
application/xhtml+xml mime type."
 -- http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/WD-WICDMobile-20051121/

Re xlinkScope-23: What is the scope of using XLink?

it seems that XLink is used for some, but not all links in WICD

Hmm... I wonder if WICD takes a position on issue
contentPresentation-26: Separation of semantic and presentational
markup, to the extent possible, is architecturally sound.

Re XMLVersioning-41
I see "The group currently has no consensus on this proposal"
in section 1.6 Identification and Versioning

  UA-Profiles: wicd, foocd

how are those grounded in URI space? is there a registry
somewhere? seems relevant to standardizedFieldValues-51

Sorry this message is so scattered. I found this announcement
during end-of-the-day random blog surfing. Rather than let
it fall into the someday pile, I though I'd scribble a few
relevant thoughts and hope for feedback.

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