Re: Potential TAG issue: N3 limited by the constraints of RDF/XML

/ Misha Wolf <> was heard to say:
| Hi Mark (and Norm),
| Many thanks for clarifying the situation re N3 [1].  This poses a 
| serious problem for the IPTC.  We have hitherto intended to use 
| GRDDL to harvest triples from NewsML 2.  These triples would, 
| presumably, be expressed using N3.  In the light of the latest 
| information, our choices seem to be:
| -  Use N3 in a non-conforming way, eg by allowing local parts 
|    which are not NCNames.
| -  Use something other than N3.

I think the TAG issue, if there is one, has more to do with the
dangers of overloading the lexical form "prefix:local-part" for things
that aren't QNames than it does with the particular limitations of N3.

It appears that this limitation, by the way, is present in RDF/XML as

I haven't been able to find an RDF/XML serialization for the triple:

  (<>, <>, "foo")

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