RE: namespaceDocument -8 (was Agenda of 8 November 2005 TAG teleconference)

> Then describe how that model can be read from RDDL 1.0, RDDL 2.0, and
> other document formats.

WebArch [1] states:

"For example, the following are examples of data formats for namespace documents: [OWL10], [RDDL], [XMLSCHEMA], and [XHTML11]. Each of these formats meets different requirements described above for satisfying the needs of an agent that wants more information about the namespace. Note, however, issues related to fragment identifiers and content negotiation (3.2.2) if content negotiation is used.

See TAG issues namespaceDocument-8 (concerning desired characteristics of namespace documents) and abstractComponentRefs-37 (concerning the use of fragment identifiers with namespace names to identify abstract components)."

Will the proposed finding [2] deal with the problem of defining consistent fragment identifiers for terms defined in a namespace across different document types?



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> |> I think I've done enough to determine if I'm taking the approach
> |> the TAG discussed in Edinburgh.
> |
> | Can you summarize in a couple of sentences what this approach is?
> Don't try to specify a single syntax, instead describe a model. The
> proposed model is:
>   namespace --has-purpose--> otherresource --has-nature--> nature
> For example:
>   .../docbook --validation--> docbook.rng --has-nature--> RELAXNG
> or
>   ...#max --specification--> xpath-functions.html --has-nature--> HTML
> Then describe how that model can be read from RDDL 1.0, RDDL 2.0, and
> other document formats.
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