Re: Draft agenda for 21 June TAG telcon


I see you listed in the agenda:

"not discussed during the f2f:

2. P2P URI scheme, support for HTTP methods, ...
3. Streaming Media types, access information, ..."

I thought we agreed that these were more or less covered under our 
schemeProtocols discussion.  In any case, I think I'm fairly central to 
the discussion of these, and have sent at least tentative regrets.  I am 
at the W3C XML Schema User Experiences Workshop, and getting away for the 
TAG call looks questionnable. 

I suggest that you either:

A.  Decide we covered the above last week.  I think we agreed that the 
next step is for me to suggest next steps.
B. I will try and be up in IRC during the time of the TAG call.  If you do 
decide to discuss the above, try and get my attention on IRC and I'll try 
and slip out and dial in.

Thank you!


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        Subject:        Draft agenda for 21 June TAG telcon


I have (at last!) prepared a draft agenda for today's TAG call:

(text version enclosed)

Comments welcome.



    W3C[1] | TAG[2] | Previous: 16-18 June 2005[3] | Next:28 June 2005

Agenda of 21 June 2005 TAG teleconference

    Nearby: Teleconference details[4] - issues list[5] (handling new
    issues[6]) - www-tag archive[7] - tag archive[8] - pending actions[9]

       1. Administrative
          Roll call -- Regrets: Dan, Tim, Noah
          Chair: Vincent, Scribe: Norm (next on the list: Ed, Roy)
          Next teleconference: propose 28 June, assign scribe, regrets?
          Accept this agenda[10]?
          Approve minutes[11] of the f2f meeting
       2. Technical discussion
          First round of discussion on the new TAG directions[12] listed, 
          not discussed during the f2f:
             1. Grid services
                interaction with the semantic Web, Web services and the 
                in general.
             2. P2P
                URI scheme, support for HTTP methods, ...
             3. Streaming
                Media types, access information, ...
       3. Other issues?


    Vincent Quint for TAG
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