Re: Significant W3C Confusion over Namespace Meaning and Policy

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PD>     From: Jonathan Borden 
PD>     > Please don't exclude users without web access from processing XML
PD>     > documents with namespaces.
PD>     One can use XML Catalog to provide local 'resolution' of 
PD>     URIs, such that a local user with or without web access can 
PD>     provide any RDDL document for any namespace they might 
PD>     choose (or any other document for any other URI for that matter).

PD> Agreed Jonathan. But how many non-geeks comprehend catalog use?
PD> How many geeks have even heard of catalogs?
PD> I know mine isn't up to date. Its a way round the problem for
PD> some applications.

The focus should probably be on getting application developers to use
catalogs, so that users don't have to know about them and see no
difference when online or offline.

PD>   I would hate XML and its applications to become a tool
PD> for connected users only.

Agreed. Really annoying to be editing a doc on a plane, and it times out
for a couple of minutes and then says the xhtml dtd is not available :)

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