Re: Significant W3C Confusion over Namespace Meaning and Policy

Elliotte Harold wrote:
> Patrick Stickler wrote:
>> How is an application to know *which* version of *which* model to
>> apply in order to interpret the term in question? It can't, because
>> a given namespace is not tied to a specific version of a specific
>> model -- insofar as the specifications are concerned 
> It's not all about machines. In fact, RDDL was invented primarily 
> because humans were having trouble with this stuff. Machine processing 
> was an afterthought.

And to take Elliotte's point further, if namespace documents as 
currently defined in RDDL and other proposals cannot handle multiple 
versions (and profiles) of a vocabulary (which is indeed the case) then 
let's make them handle it. The last time I recall namespace documents 
being brought up to the TAG the answer was IIRC "after we're done with 
AWWW v1". This seems like a good requirement to add to the list, in hope 
that the TAG will tackle it sooner rather than later.

Robin Berjon
   Research Scientist

Received on Thursday, 17 February 2005 11:57:53 UTC