Re: Draft Minutes of TAG Telcon, 7 Feb 2005

Ed:  as a relative newcomer myself, I'm not the best expert on formatting 
of minutes or the PERL script, but there were a few basics that I thought 
were worth fixing in the version of the minutes that you just circulated. 

Basically, the only copy of the original IRC log I could get was the HTML 
formatted one at [1].  I used some Emacs macros to put that more or less 
back in the form of a raw IRC log, with <name> syntax for speakers, etc. 
Usually I just start from the raw log that's in that form, but I couldn't 
easily find it.   I then made a few other fixes:

* Changed "Title:" to "Meeting:", which populates the Title of the 
formatted log
* Changed <scribeNick> from Edr to Ed, with the result that all your 
entries are correctly pulled out of the grey backgrounds
* Gambled on my inference/vague memory that Stuart was the chair, and 
faked a Chair:  Stuart Williams entry so that the chair is properly shown. 
 Pls. fix that if Vincent in fact chaired.

The resulting pseudo log is attached as Feb2007b.txt. 

I then ran the Perl script over that and got the final HTML, which is also 
attached.  I'm not guaranteeing it's 100% accurate match to the original, 
as Emacs macros can be dangerous.  You should look at your version and 
this one side-by-side to make sure I didn't inadvertently change something 
important.  If you do have an environment that can run PERL (I use Cygwin 
under Windows), I find it's nice to be able to fool with the input, run 
the script, and then iterate until the log looks reasonable.   Perhaps 
you'll want to do some more cleanup on this one, but I suspect the 
attached is now more or less OK.

Hope this helps.   Don't worry, I made all the equivalent mistakes and 
worse when I started.  Others more expert in these things may have either 
further fixes or simpler approaches to doing this in the future.  Thanks!



Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
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Cambridge, MA 02142

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        Subject:        Draft Minutes of TAG Telcon, 7 Feb 2005

These are the Draft minutes from the TAG teleconference of Feb 7, 2005.
Please review the HTML file and provide any required feedback.

-Ed Rice
Hewlett Packard

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