RE: I-D ACTION:draft-hendrikx-wallis-urn-nzl-00.txt

Hello Jan,

> The heart of the matter is, IMHO, that location independent naming
> schemas are an illusion with regard
> to information systems. The issue is not simply *naming* information but
> also *interacting* with it. In order
> to interact with the information, you need to bind the name to a
> location and simply declaring the naming
> schema to be location independent does not save you from this.
> Roy's point is (IMO) that you can use URLs (and the benefit of an
> existing, deployed, running system that
> comes with them for free) right away since you'll face the 'location
> problem' in the end anyhow.

I'll answer to both arguments in Roy's answer.

Didier PH Martin

Received on Monday, 14 February 2005 14:41:08 UTC