Re: Trying to assess the depth of xml:id and c14n incompatibilities

On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 08:58:30PM -0500, Elliotte Harold wrote:
> 3. Even if there is an xml:id layer, and the xml:id is inherited by 
> several different elements, some high performance streaming solutions 
> may stop as soon as they've located the first instance of the ID, and 
> never notice that there are duplicate values further along in the document.

  I'm personally against relaxing that checking myself. 
If you use xml:id on a receiving side, this mean your application is
interested in providing ID lookup, and IMHO errors should be reported
to the application. You should have the capability to desactivate xml:id
if gathering the ID table is too much for your memory constraints, but
loweing the spec level of checking is IMHO not a good idea.


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