Initial Draft Finding on Principle of Least Power

At the recent F2F I took an action [1] to rework Tim's 1998 writings on 
Principle of Least Power [2] into an initial draft of a TAG finding.  I 
have just posted a first cut at [3].  Please keep in mind that while Tim 
is listed as the Editor, because much of the text traces to him, he has 
not yet reviewed this version and should not be held accountable for 
shortcomings in new or changed text.  Tim's original was a bit informal in 
tone.  As we agreed at the F2F, I've tried to stick closely to Tim's 
original formulation where it seemed suitable for a finding, but have made 
changes in some places, including a few that were just personal 
preferences.  I've also slightly restructured it. 

Accordingly, I strongly suggest that TAG members first re-read Tim's 
original at [2], and then read the new draft at [3], so you'll know what 
I've changed.  Both are short.   We can easily revert any or all of the 
text as appropriate.  Tim:  I hope you find this to be an appropriate 
first cut, but if not just send changes in plain text and I'll hack them 
into the xml/html.  A "To Do" section at the end highlights things that I 
thought were questionable or needed review.



Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
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Received on Tuesday, 20 December 2005 02:01:37 UTC