RE: Principle of Least Power, "Motherhood and Apple Pie"

Far be it from me to dispute the articles of faith of 
such an eminent group of theologians.

Scale and the Principle of Least Power:  the notion that 
it would have been better to build the Great Pyramid out 
of mud bricks, to build a Space Shuttle out of Legos, 
and that we should all ride Mopeds to work on trails carved 
by oxcarts rather than cars on the US interstate system.

Engineers understand scale and have for a great many more 
years than there has been an Internet or a Tim Berners-Lee. 

As for the rest, res ipsa loquitur.


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Len Bullard writes:

> we know it was all for the sake of simplicity so
> the codeheads whose brave, valiant fearless
> efforts to make the world safer for stealing
> (ooops... sharing) photos, songs, code, and cold
> pizza could maybe get just a little more egoboo.

> I can stand the design lectures, but Dan, take the
> credit and accept the blame.

I think that tying these concerns to the Principle of Least Power (PLP) is 
really unfair.

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