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Re: [Fwd: RE: "information resource"]

From: Bill de hÓra <dehora@eircom.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 20:38:04 +0100
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Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com wrote:
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>>It happens that my dog is sleeping in my lap as I type this. I don't
>>think anyone could convey everything that is essential about my dog in
>>a message. There are characteristics of mass and texture and warmth
>>and affection that are not essentially information.
> Exactly. I.e. it is not possible to *transfer* all of the *fundamental substance*
> of your dog in a message, therefore your dog is not an "information resource".

That doesn't help  - '*fundamental substance*' is undefined; I 
contend the definition is not easily captured.  I myself do not know 
whether a dog could be an information resource:


Can someone clarify what is lost when the concept of information 
resource is taken away? Or what is gained when it is present?

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