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> On Friday, October 15, 2004, 12:10:37 PM, Bristol) wrote:
> >> I'm arguing that the dog resource would in Patrick's 
> >> definition be an IR because it has a body of information (its 
> WSHLB>                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> WSHLB> This is not Patricks defn!
> >> medical records) but should not be an IR (per Basel def.).
> WSHLB> Patricks defn is: "An "information resource" is a 
> resource which
> WSHLB> constitutes a body of information."
> WSHLB> Deeper in his message [1] he says "Why not simply state that an
> WSHLB> "information resource" *is*
> WSHLB> information -- i.e. a body of information???"
> WSHLB> I take him be using the word 'constitutes' in the 
> sense of 'is'.
> If it means "is" in the sense of "is solely" then its the same as the
> basel definition.

Yes. In the sense that I *think* that's what was meant by
the Basel definition.

But the language proposed, coming out of the Basel definition,
still IMO allowed for a broader definition that could be seen
to be as broad as the previous definition. My proposed text
was an attempt to narrow the definition to what I *thought*
was meant, while avoiding what I saw as a plausible, but
unacceptable, interpretation.


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