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>> I'm arguing that the dog resource would in Patrick's 
>> definition be an IR because it has a body of information (its 
WSHLB>                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
WSHLB> This is not Patricks defn!

>> medical records) but should not be an IR (per Basel def.).

WSHLB> Patricks defn is: "An "information resource" is a resource which
WSHLB> constitutes a body of information."

WSHLB> Deeper in his message [1] he says "Why not simply state that an
WSHLB> "information resource" *is*
WSHLB> information -- i.e. a body of information???"

WSHLB> I take him be using the word 'constitutes' in the sense of 'is'.

If it means "is" in the sense of "is solely" then its the same as the
basel definition.

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