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it is ok?

From: zoznam\ <lubos_k@zoznam.sk>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:14:46 +0200
Message-ID: <001301c4aec2$bbe37130$c8fb17d9@luboss>
To: <www-tag@w3.org>

I am interesting in developing web sites (just in begining) with W3C
standard. I am tryin' make frames site. I know it is not good idea
to make the site with frames, but I dont know better art to do it.
My problem is that I can't erase the border between the frames,
coz I tried to do it with attribute frameborder but it does not its work,
it behaves different ways in dependent on browser, but mostly it 
erases border, but let a white line instead. I tried it on IE 6.0 and
Mozilla 1.6. Both browsers does the same, but one difference is the-
re that mozilla hides the line (so i want it) when I place frameborder
in frameset tag, but it's no solution. The best way to do it would be border
attribute but that isn't standardized so I am hopeless. Could you 
advice me some tip please?
Thank you

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