Re: on independence of elements, relating versions [XMLVersioning-41]

On Thursday 18 March 2004 10:27 pm, wrote:
> To stretch my original analogy, using XML Query on even an improved RDF
> serializations seems a bit analagous to saying:  "if I serialize my XML
> carefully (no comments or no CDATA sections perhaps), it will be a bit
> easier to use Grep to reliably extract information from my files".  

An even better analogy is putting XML into RDBMS by shredding the documents 
into tables and columns. You can make it work, and with a little care, you 
can make it extremely fast (i.e. you can avoid joins for tree-based 
operations), but the fundamental models *are* different, and there *is* 

Without careful design, those issues often come back and bite you in 
unexpected ways.

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